Common Electrical Problems in the Office That Disrupt the Flow of Business

May 28, 2020

Maybe you wanted to conserve energy, so you tried a new energy-saving device. Maybe you forgot to turn off the lights, and they burned out through the night. Maybe almost everyone is using the same outlet because it’s nearer your cubicles. Whatever the reasons are, power interruption can disrupt the flow of your business operations. They also affect your software applications and data storage systems. Not to mention, how are your clients supposed to do business with you if you’re having electricity problems?

There’s no better way to address these problems than to call a professional electrician. Problems like these in the office will affect not only your customers but also your employees’ morale. You shouldn’t try to DIY them, too, because electrical wires should only be dealt with by a professional.

Light Bulbs

If it’s just changing the light bulb, anyone in the office can do it. A professional electrician looks for more than that. They check for faulty or loose circuit and socket, too. An amateur won’t notice that there’s something wrong with the socket. Burned-out light bulbs happen because the voltage exceeds the bulb’s capacity, the bulb’s been twisted too tightly, and there’s a sudden vibration.

Flickering Lights

How do you suppose your clients can do business in your office or store if the lights are dimmed or flickering? This hurts the eyes more than anything. If changing the light bulb doesn’t solve the problem, then there’s a deeper issue such as a poor connection in the circuit.

Power Surge

This usually happens when lightning strikes and hits the electrical wiring of your office building. It can damage your electrical appliances. But for older buildings, it might be because of a low-quality conduit. A seasoned electrician can easily solve this by installing a quality surge protector.

Prong Outlets

electric outlet

Most appliances today have a three-prong power cord. The third prong is for safety measures. For most homes and offices with a two-pronged outlet, the solution seems to be to use an adapter or remove the third prong. This is a safety hazard because the cord wasn’t supposed to work that way. It can damage the entire electrical flow on that wall. Have an electrician convert the outlets into three-pronged. It’s easy and safer.

Dead Outlets

How can an office survive with only a few outlets functioning? That will push your workers to overload a particular outlet by using an extension cord. This creates more problems in the future. Dead outlets could be a sign that there is a problem with the circuit breaker or poor circuit connection.

Electrical Fires

Faulty electrical wiring can cause a fire. This is especially true in offices or stores that rely on huge power consumption to operate its machines and computers. Fires can be caused by misuse and improper installation of electrical wires. You should have an inspector perform upgrades and identify issues in your electrical system.

The law requires commercial buildings to have regular inspections of their electrical systems. A simple inspection prevents many accidents. It also enables you to work better, identify the early signs of electrical problems, and use electricity more efficiently.

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