How Can You Achieve a Traditional Kitchen?

September 1, 2021
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The kitchen is where the family gathers to eat and talk about their day-to-day rendezvous. It’s where friends and guests join in to dine and socialize. Or it can be one’s personal space to enjoy a hearty meal alone.

Some even say the kitchen is the soul of the house. There’s a famous saying to “feed your soul,” and the kitchen might have the solution to this, quite literally. So a kitchen must be a place where one can enjoy and have peace of mind while indulging one’s favorite meal or just preparing one’s favorite treat. One can have their kitchen remodeled by professionals if they want to revamp it.

One way to achieve this is to create a warm environment in the kitchen. A traditional kitchen is perfect for that warm and cozy feeling. So if one is considering a traditional kitchen, here are ten ways to make one’s kitchen more traditional:

1. Use natural materials. 

An excellent kitchen is all about being traditional and less modern. Meaning, evidence of modernization is very much likely discouraged. Opt for wooden materials for cabinets and counters. Avoid metals or aluminum steel. Use as many natural materials as possible.

2. Use soft and subtle earthy colors.

Earthy tones are the perfect colors for a kitchen. Use combinations of soft and subtle browns, oranges, creams, taupes, and even greens for your plates, curtains, etc. These colors will instantly remind one of a warm and classic aura; perfect for the traditional vibe.

3. Incorporate patterns that bring out earthy tones.

Do not be afraid of patterns and designs. A pop of something eye-catching will not ruin the traditional vibe but rather enhance it. Be sure to use appropriate patterns like some rustic elements or even vinyl kitchen flooring. Mexican tiles are also fun to incorporate in one’s kitchen to add that pop of fun and color. But make sure that the colors used coordinate with each other. No one wants another mess in the kitchen.

4. Replace modern furniture with traditional ones.

Replace your metal counter stools with wooden stools. Not only are wooden chairs more aesthetically pleasing, but they might also save the kitchen floors. Get that natural and calm vibes while also giving the floor some care.

traditional kitchen

5. Bring out the fabrics and cloth.

Most modern tables do not require tablecloths since they are mostly made out of glass. Some opt for wooden tables but have them glass-covered to prevent mold and water damage to the wood. This is no problem. The table cloth can still be tucked under the glass, and now the table is not that boring piece of wood anymore. Go for Gingham patterns, stripes, or polka dots to bring out the classic feels. Don’t forget to cover up the windows with a light cloth, if there’s any. 

6. Don’t be afraid to use eccentric decors.

Being traditional doesn’t mean just sticking to old boring wooden pieces. Do not be scared to have engravings on the cupboards. Pop in some handcrafted furniture and decors. These will add some life and personality to the kitchen.

7. Don’t forget the sunlight.

Be sure to open up the windows and let the natural sunlight come in. Create a warm and vibrant atmosphere with just the natural light. Just be sure that the placement of the windows will let an ample amount of light come in but not to the point that it’s glary.

8. Use open shelves.

Open shelves let you view the insides of the kitchen. It creates a busy and full vibe that will also give a neatly packed space if appropriately executed. It reminds one that someone makes magic in the kitchen.

9. Try out wallpapers.

Wallpapers are an excellent addition to brighten up your kitchen walls. Putting up wallpapers can add to the kitchen’s charm and personality. Just don’t forget to overdo anything, or else it will be a disaster of clashing designs.

10. Coordinate colors.

One of the basic rules of art and design is to coordinate colors. Especially if one is going for a traditional look, color coordination must be observed. Consistency of the color scheme must also be applied. If soft and subtle tones are used, make sure that those colors make up most of your kitchen space. A splash of another color is not dangerous but be careful of overdoing it.

One of the best places in one’s house must be the kitchen. For most culinary enthusiasts, magic happens in this little room. The kitchen might also be considered as one or even the most essential part of the house. It is about right to make it look more comfortable, elegant, and personal.

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