5 Ways to Save Money When Building Your Dream House

May 9, 2019
Couple standing in front of their dream house

Building your dream home can be costly, and let no one lie to you. You need to make the decision to go down that road because it will eat into your budget and you might not be able to take on other financial responsibilities for some time. When done right, you will be glad to see the fruits of your labor.

Making a decision, however, could be stressful when you are on a tight budget. Good thing, there are things that can help you in cutting costs, such as the following:

Choose your builder wisely

Different builders charge differently and some have better incentives and inclusive base prices. Do your research, and ask from those who have built in your area before and get referrals. It is best to work with referrals, but don’t compromise on quality just because a builder is charging low.

Work hand-in-hand with your custom home builder in Utah and keep communication lines as open as possible. Be sure to let them know what you want and how you want it. Also, be open-minded and listen to what they have to say. After all, they have been building for long, so they know what works best.

Strictly work within the budget

Not only will a budget guide you on finances, but will also help you cut down on unnecessary spending. Create a budget and strictly stick to it. If something costs way more than what is indicated, do not buy it. Look for an alternative instead.

Buy materials from the source

You cannot imagine how much of a cost-saving tip this is. You could save nearly 40% on the cost of materials. For instance, instead of buying steel pipes from a hardware store, head over to a steel pipe company. You will definitely get a good bargain. Do the same to all the other items.

Of course, buying from the source requires that you buy in large quantities, so this may only apply to materials that you will be needing in bulk.

Start standard then upgrade later

Man doing self home improvement

As you are working on a budget, it is cheaper to install standard features since these are the costs included in the base price. Then later as finances allow, upgrade to whatever your desire. You can then sell your standard items and add on to the cash and buy the high-end features.

For instance, instead of spending a fortune on hardwood flooring, you can opt for vinyl flooring or laminate flooring first. They are both water-resistant and scratch-resistant, and they cost cheaper.

Get your hands dirty where you can

Of course, this only applies if you have some basic skills, or otherwise you may end up spending more because of the damage caused. You can do simple things like installing kitchen cabinets, painting, installing light fixtures, and other simple handy work. It will be tiring, yes, but you can save a couple of dollars that you can use to something else.

Spend only where it is necessary to have your house up and running. You will realize that when building with such an attitude, you spend less but still end up with a beautiful house. You don’t need a bathroom for each room. Some of these things are pure luxury.

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