5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Professional Carpet Cleaners

January 7, 2019

Getting your carpets cleaned regularly is an excellent way of enhancing the appearance of your home.  Carpet cleaning services also help you to maintain a healthy environment for you and your family. You need to hire a professional cleaner for the carpets in your home at least thrice in a year for deep cleaning. Your job doesn’t end with scheduling an appointment with professional carpet cleaning companies. To get better results than before, homeowners ought to prepare for professional cleaners so that they are ready for them when they arrive.

Fortunately, preparing for carpet cleaning is not as hard as people think. With a few tips and advice, you can make the cleaning process simple and fast for the professional cleaners and at the same time get an excellent outcome. You also prevent theft and accidents when you take these few steps before the carpet cleaning expert arrive:

Clear the parking lot and area in front of the building

Since you want the carpet cleaners to be efficient and quick in their service, you must prepare a parking space for their cars. An area in front of your place would be most appropriate. Besides, carpet cleaning service providers use heavy trucks that are mounted with cleaning equipment to offer a deep and thorough clean for your carpet. As a result, the driveway or curb near your house should be clear for easy access.

Keep your floors clutter-free

Woman cleaning the carpet

The chances are that you usually remove toys, shoes, and other stuff from the areas where you want to vacuum. Similarly, make sure you de-clutter floors as you prepare for the arrival of carpet cleaning experts. Besides, the cleaners use long heavy hoses and cords that can cause an accident when the area is filled with clutter.

Remove light furniture

Most people don’t know that a carpet cleaning expert is not licensed to move furniture as he or she clean your carpets. As a result, they might damage furniture, and they won’t be liable for the loss. It is advisable to move furniture before the cleaners arrive for excellent results and to save time to prevent such situations.

Note particular stains or special requirements

You understand your carpets better than anyone else. Carpet cleaners inspect carpets before they start the cleaning process. However, it is advisable to let them know of stubborn stains or other special requirements before they start the services so that they know how to clean the carpet while paying attention to the areas efficiently.

Arrange for pets and kids to be out of the house

One of the most challenging parts of cleaning carpets is keeping pets and kids away from a drying carpet. Pets and children track in dirt from outside, which causes new stains on the drying carpet. To prevent this, make sure you schedule for a carpet cleaning service when the kids are in school or at a friend’s place.

These simple steps will help you to prepare your home and carpets for professional cleaners. An excellent preparation means a safe environment, clean carpets, and a smooth cleaning process. Don’t forget to take a tour with the cleaners upon arrival to each room as you point out areas of concern.

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