5 Steps to Take Before a Major Property Purchase

January 30, 2019
Home Purchase

Home PurchaseReal estate properties are among the smartest investments that a person can make. After all, properties offer a secure income stream without requiring the constant attention of the investor. However, a property is a huge investment so there are things that you should do before the purchase.

Since the property purchase will be a big commitment, these five steps are things to do before you actually buy the property:

Have the property surveyed

Unless you have extensive experience in the real estate industry, you probably do not know what land surveyors do. Basically, land surveyors help determine whether the land that you may purchase is the same size indicated in the deed.

Surveyors can also tell whether the property is located in an area that is prone to flooding. Invite a professional land surveyor in Utah before you purchase a property, so you will know whether the land will be good for you.

Do your research well

Remember that you will be investing thousands of dollars in your property. It is only right that you spend a considerable amount of time doing research with regards to the real estate industry.

If you do it right, you will be able to have a general feel of the housing trends in the areas surrounding your preferred location. You may also start looking for properties that will appeal to you so that you will have a model in mind when searching later on.

Tips in Buying Property

Get the right real estate agent

No matter how much you think you know about the real estate industry, you should never shun the services of a real estate agent. Real estate agents and brokers studied the norms and trends in the industry for years, so they have a lot more experience.

Negotiating and familiarity with the area are things that should already be enough for you to hire an agent. They also know a lot of important information and networks that can make the property purchase process easier.

Check your credit score and report

If you are unable to purchase the property on a cash basis, you will likely have to get a mortgage. Among the things that financial companies look at before they approve your mortgage is your credit score and credit report.

Your credit score should be at least 700 if you want your application to have a big chance of getting approved. Your credit report should also not have any questionable history.

Get pre-qualified and pre-approved

Getting prequalified or preapproved for a mortgage is actually a fantastic way to make the process of purchasing a property much easier. It is a great move because it gives you a picture of the total amount that you will be spending.

You just have to present some documents to your financial institution, such as your income and your savings. This will also assist you in narrowing down the properties that will work best for your budget.

Remember that having a real estate investment requires prior planning. If you want to make it a means for you to earn additional income, the planning will help a lot.

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