4 Reasons You Should Keep Your Drains Clean

January 9, 2019

Your drains are a critical part of your home and perform a function that, while not readily noticeable, is nonetheless overarching in its importance. That said, it’s easy to tell when you’re going to need drain cleaning services in Salt Lake City right away.

It’s when you take a shower or wash the dishes, and you notice that it takes longer than usual for the water to swish and swirl away. While it might seem like a mere inconvenience at first, it can actually lead to a host of major problems that can affect you and your family adversely.

Here are four of the most important reasons to keep your drains cleaned always.

1. You need to get rid of molds and mildew

When wastewater isn’t effectively drained away — whether due to clogs or inefficient drainage — it can linger long enough to aid the development of molds and mildew. This is enough of a health risk to make it critical consideration.

Molds and mildew can cause or exacerbate respiratory problems that include everything from colds to asthma. The worst part is that this is very difficult to detect until things get really tough. The best way to head off this kind of problem is to get cleaned far more consistently.

2. You need the cleanliness

The worst aspect of clogged drains is when the clog and blockage are so severe that it backs up. To imagine how bad this is, think about everything disgusting and dirty that gets thrown down your kitchen and bathroom drains.

Now think about all of the suddenly gushing out of your drain — bringing with it the attendant bad smells resulting from the unhealthy mix of all that gunk. It’s a horrible sight to behold and an even more horrible one to smell that you need to avoid at all costs.

3. You need to keep vermin out

A corollary to the abovementioned point is the vermin that any filth inevitably attracts. That kind of wastewater can attract everything from flies, cockroaches, to even rats. None of these are welcome additions to your home that can be even bigger health risks than molds and mildew.

carpenter ants on the wall

They can lead to ultimately dirtier homes that no one would likely want to live in for a long time. Additionally, this kind of infestation can cause the value of your home also to plummet badly. And all of that from uncleaned and unclogged drains.

4. You can’t damage your home

The less obvious problem that is actually the most serious among all of them — clogged and unclean drains can cause build ups in the pipes. This buildup can potentially break and in doing so, flood the inner recesses of your home.

When this happens, you can experience a lot of interior water damage as well as malfunctioning of your home’s internal water systems as a whole.

The best solution is fairly obvious: just get your drains cleaned constantly. Make sure that you hire only the best to ensure that the job is done thoroughly and properly. In doing so, you can ensure that your home is kept safe and clean all year long.

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