4 Early Signs of Water Heater Failure

January 30, 2019
Man testing a water heater

Most water heaters are designed to last for one decade before replacing them. The efficiency of your water heater declines when internal components get corroded or there is a buildup of minerals. You can keep your water heater in excellent working condition by regular flushing of water. Unfortunately, most people don’t pay attention to their water heaters.

If you own a restaurant or an apartment building, the least of the situations you want to handle in the morning or evening is the lack of hot water. Besides, you need hot water to run your business. Similarly, homeowners dread faulty water heaters. Fortunately, you can prevent inconveniences of the lack of hot water by looking out for signs of a faulty water heater. You shouldn’t wait until the water heater fails for you to take action.

Insufficient hot water

The most apparent indication of a faulty water heater is insufficient hot water. Minerals separate from water when the water heater is heating water, and the minerals settle to the tank’s bottom. The mineral deposits that settle in the tank become an insulator, which keeps the heat originating from the burner from getting into the water stored in the tank. Consequently, your water heater fails to produce enough hot water, and with time it will completely stop heating water. Make sure that you hire experts in water heaters in Lehi to fix the issue as soon as you notice this sign.

Rusty water

Rusty water from the faucetRusty water coming from the water heater could be an indication that the unit is rusting away on the inside. You should hire a plumber once you notice rusty water; otherwise, the unit might start leaking soon. Also, rusty water could also be a sign of rusty pipes if the water heater unit has galvanized piping. Rusty water is also harmful to your health; thus, fix the issue as soon as you can.

Weird noises

A failing water heater makes abnormal sounds. The odd noises can be irregular or consistent. Most failing water heaters start to make bubbling sounds and gurgle. Sometimes the unit might make popping sounds. You can tell if the sounds are normal or not by listening to the water heater before running laundry with the water heater or taking a hot shower. Take note of the sounds before and after taking a hot shower so that you understand the changes in the sounds. Don’t forget to hire a plumber to inspect the water heater and offer a solution when you notice a popping or bubbling sound.

Costly repairs

Repairs can increase over time as your water heater ages and requires components to operate efficiently. You should closely access the amount of money you have spent on repairing the unit and compare it with the cost of buying a new unit. Costly repairs are an indication of a failing or dying water heater.

You can prevent an emergency by understanding the signs of a dying water heater. Now that you have read through the signs, make sure that you contact a plumber as soon as you notice the indications. Importantly, avoid fixing the problems on your own without the help of a plumber.

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